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What is Honed Concrete & How is it Made

Honing gives concrete a smooth matt surface by grinding the concrete which also exposing the aggregates and stones. Smoother (polished) concrete surface areas can be achieved with extended honing using considerably finer abrasives to pass on a gloss, radiance to the concrete surface area.

Where would you use Honed Concrete?

Honed concrete is ideal for driveways, footpaths, alfresco’s, porches, verandas, around pools and also others. It resembles exposed aggregate yet instead of the surface being removed with high pressure water the concrete is left to cure and is then cut, grind and polished with a concrete diamond honing machine to reveal the stones as well as aggregates leaving a much smoother finish. When sealed it is extremely hard wearing, stain and mould resistant it is additionally really simple to clean due it being smooth.

Honed Concrete can be installed on either a brand-new or existing piece of concrete as well as is great for both residential, industrial and also commercial projects. It is commonly utilised in the home around pools, on pathways, driveways and in outdoor entertainment areas.

Advantages to Honed Concrete

  • Slip Resistant
  • Looks Amazing
  • Long Lasting
  • Maintains Colour & Style
  • Withstand Australia’s climate

Other Areas where you might use Honed Concrete

  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Bars
  • Pool Capping
  • Grills

When choosing a sealing method, consider the following:

Surface Coatings provide excellent resistance to staining and are aesthetically pleasing. Coatings include Acrylic, Epoxy or Urethane and non-slip granules can be seeded into the coating to improve slip ratings.

Penetrative Sealers is available in Water or a Solvent base and are a preferred method of sealing. With option for either a natural look or with use of impregnated sealers we can intensify the colours of the concrete. In addition these sealers are UV Stable, easily maintained and have an excellent slip rating.

Method in which Honed Concrete is laid

  1. Clear and Clean site, level and prepare area where the concrete is to be laid.
  2. Any retic pipes, plumbing pipes and conduits are put in place before the concrete is poured.
  3. Boards are put in place to hold the concrete while it is being poured and stay in place until the concrete sets.
  4. Steel reinforcing mesh is laid, to give the concrete added strength, which in turn reduces the risk of the concrete cracking.
  5. The honed concrete mix is produced at a batching plant, where it is electronically measured to ensure the highest quality product.
  6. Concrete is poured, left to set and cure.
  7. Once set, the concrete grinding can begin. This is achieved with a diamond honing machine which reveals the stones and aggregate.
  8. Everything is cleaned! The concrete is given a good clean, using a light acid wash to remove cement dust, lime and dirt.
  9. Once the concrete is dry it is ready to have a high quality sealer applied.
  10. A final clean and we’re done!

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